Fungal Problems in Nails and Treatment Methods

Mushrooms grow in the forest, not standing, right? The image of your nails may upset you, you may not even want to wear slippers.

The fungi, which also cause foot odors, stick to your socks and you cannot be a guest of their acquaintances. This can embarrass places where it is not. We all wear winter and winter shoes, we wear closed shoes. This is one of the situations that causes the formation of nail fungi. Since nail fungi disrupt the structure of the nail, it is a completely different event that even nail cutting turns into a torture.

Can't you wear slippers because of the appearance of your nails?

Are you worried about foot odor?

Are you forced to wear closed shoes?

Is cutting your nails turning into an ordeal?

The remedy for all of these is herbal based healthy approved care products. Nature Genome Nail Fungus Shampoo is a shampoo that helps prevent the formation of nail fungi just like hair care products solve dandruff problems.

Caution: Absolutely Not Drug.


Nature Genome Nail Fungus Shampoo

Nature Genome Nail Fungus Shampoo starts to show the healing effect from the first week with Perfect Formulation. You will start to see this effect as new nails grow in 20 days.

Nature Genome Nail Fungus Shampoo AnimationHow to use Nature Genome Shampoo for Nail Fungus.

  • If there is nail polish on the nails, it is cleaned first. Areas with nail fungus are thoroughly cleaned and washed.

  • From the Nature Genome Nail Fungus Shampoo, it is squeezed into the palm of the cube sugar and rubbed into the section with the nail fungus and fed.

  • After applying the Nail Fungus Shampoo until foaming, the problematic area of the nail shampoo formula is concentrated on the problem area by leaving it in this way for at least 15 minutes.

  • Then, the section with the problem is washed, completely rinsed and thoroughly dried with a clean cloth.

  • Clean socks are worn.

  • If this process is repeated every day, the problem will disappear in a much shorter time and there will be no nail fungus problem.

36 24/10/2020
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