Censan 3 Başlıklı İnce Tüp Penis Pompası

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Censan İnce Tüp Penis Pompası, penis boyutları farklı olan kullanıcılar için özel olarak tasarlanmış ve üretilmiştir. Kişisel gelişime göre, farklı boyutlarda kullanacabileceğiniz 3 farklı boyda pompa başlıkları kutu içerisinde mevcuttur. 

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What is the shipping fee?

For all your purchases from our online store, the shipping fee to all over Turkey is only 20 TL. For orders of 150 TL or more, the shipping fee is covered by our company.

There are also Moto Courier options in Istanbul. Intraday delivery or Super Fast Instant Delivery options may vary depending on your location. You can call us about this.

How can I track my cargo?

We will send you an informative sms and e-mail when your order is shipped. You can track your cargo with your cargo tracking number in the sent e-mail. By creating a membership account, you can log in to your account and follow the current status of your order.

Please Become A Member To Follow Your Orders Seamlessly. If you do not have a membership, you can easily become a member with one click with your social media accounts at the time of order. Click to register.

When will the cargo arrive?

If your orders are Express Shipment, they will be delivered to the cargo within the first business day at the latest, otherwise, within 3 business days at the latest. You can check the current status of your order from the "Order List" tab in the "My Account" section.

After your order is shipped, it will be delivered to your address within 1-5 working days depending on the distance. Since cargo companies do not work on public holidays and holidays, delivery cannot be made during these periods.

With which courier will my order be sent?

Our cargo deliveries; Although all cargo companies are used, it is usually done with PTT Cargo and Sürat Cargo with which we have an agreement. We Have Instant Delivery Services with Private Courier in Istanbul.

In order for your delivery to be made correctly and easily, you must fill in your address information completely. Please do not take delivery of damaged cargo and contact us (phone, e-mail). You have the right to ask the Cargo officer to present your identity card before making the payment for your orders that you will receive with payment at the door.

Can someone else pick up my package if I am not at home at the time of delivery? What to do if there is no one at the time of delivery?

In the delivery process, your package will be delivered if the name verification matches at the address you have given. Proof of identity is not required.

The signature of the person receiving your package will be requested at the delivery address. If there is no one at the address, the courier will try to reach you again. He or she may leave a card to pick up your package or reschedule a delivery date.

Cargoes brought back to the branch must be received within 3 working days. Otherwise, the cargo will be returned to the exit branch within the knowledge of the sender.

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